Walker and Rollator Rentals

Walker Rental

We have walkers and rollators available to rent. All walkers and rollators can be rented by the week or by the month.

pc信誉群号Insurance may pay for some or most of your rental, depending on your insurance and your physician’s orders. However, your deductible and any other costs not covered by insurance will be the patient’s responsibility. Listed below are prices for private pay rentals.

Walker Rental Rates:

Types of WalkersWeekly Rental RateMonthly Rental Rate
Standard 2 wheel$25$45
Standard 4 wheel$35$65
Deluxe Walker$45$85
Walker Rental
Standard 4 wheeled walker
Walker Rental
Deluxe Walker
Walker Rental
Standard 2- wheel walker

Please include the height and weight of the person using the walker in your request so we can best determine what size walker will be needed.

pc信誉群号It may take up to 24 hrs to responded to rental requests.